documentary | filming, editing, motion graphics
A Masterpiece Revealed

A Masterpiece Revealed is a 5-chapter documentary that tells the interesting story of a 17th century painting rediscovered at Meadow Brook Hall and conserved by the Detroit Institute of Arts, and the partnership that formed between three institutions.

I filmed the documentary along with my partner at Bodhi Tree Films. I was responsbile for creating the overall storyline, video editing and design/animation of the motion graphic components. Over the course of 5 months, we made several trips to the DIA to document the conservation process and interview the curators and scientists involved. We also spent several days at Meadow Brook learning the history of the hall, and interviewing their staff, OU students and faculty.

The documentary begins with a history of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's "The Infant Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness" from its creation in Seville, Spain to its eventual home at Meadow Brook Hall in the 1920s. The rediscovery began a partnership between Oakland University and the DIA which allowed students a behind the scenes look in the museum to observe the scientific research and conservation of Murillo's painting. The "The Infant Saint John the Baptist" will be on display for five years in the DIA's European Medieval to Renaissance Art gallery before returning to Meadow Brook Hall.

More information about the conservation process and discoveries within the painting can be found here on the DIA's website. The final project can also be viewed here on Oakland University's website.

A Masterpiece Revealed 1 minute trailer